20130408_210707“The problem with the whole world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.”

Such wise words were spoken by a man who was blessed with wisdom that tantalized the ladies; a man who was capable of being in and out of touch with the world in which he lived, and most importantly, a man who appreciated the beauty of everything a spectacular wine signifies.  Tonight I have the fortunate pleasure of tasting a 2009 Trinchero from Mario’s Vineyard and I cannot help but to think about Humphrey Bogart. A lovely Cabernet Sauvignon birthed from beautiful vines in St.Helena, Napa Valley, and I am immediately brought back to the definition of class. As I sit here drinking this lovely bottle of Trinchero, I think about Bogie’s friends. I wonder, did they love sipping and slurping the wines that came out of California as much as I do now? Was he friendly with Mario & Mary Trinchero, because after all, they all could’ve been neighbors in NYC. You see, Mario & Mary had a divine passion for wine and therefore in 1948 decided to take a chance. Extreme entreprenuers, Mario & Mary fled NYC with their three children and bought an abandoned winery, which at the time, was better known as Sutter Home. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s bring this context back to where we started: Class. What a wonderfully, historic word that is best expressed through simplicity and most importantly, fine wine.

Without any further adieu, here is my rating for the red of choice this evening; a Wise Wine:

    TRINCHERO 2009 Mario’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon St. Helena

Color: Beautiful deep burgundy with highlights of raspberry tones- 22
Scent: Aromas of arugula, cinnamon, black pepper, blackberries and plum- 21
Taste: Spicy cayenne with hints of dark chocolate, tart berries, lemon and sunshine- 23
Overall Experience:  A silky yet sultry experience with some major personality- 23


Related scores: WS-89
Market price: $60

Recommended Pairings:
Song to Pair While Cooking : http://youtu.be/Ho-R7W9O20I

Food Pairing: Olive Oil/ Sea Salt Roasted Vegetables with Grilled Baby Lamb Chops.

Humphrey is and will forever be a favorite of mine, whether I see him in the movies or within the pages of a novel.  I will always relate to his quotes, and quite frankly, I find them simple, perplex and thought provoking; just like Trinchero. -RMH