This budget friendly gem of a wine is my MUST buy of the day. Unbelievably majestic at a mind-boggling cost, this Queen is a culmination of the heart and soul of Louis Lucas & Royce Lewellen. The estate vineyards are located in the three wine growing valleys of Santa Barbara County: Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos Valley and the Santa Maria Valley. These valley vineyards benefit from a rare transverse mountain range topography, an east-west orientation which channels the cool ocean air of the Pacific in to the coastal valleys, allowing warm days and cool nights to produce a long, gentle growing season. With over 25 impressive varietals cultivated from the vineyards of Lucas & Lewellens, this high quality, low budget pinot noir will make you smile before your first sip. Break out the blackjack or backgammon and prepare for a royal experience. With images of queens and hearts, the pairing of label and cork convey an originally whimsical spirit. Tastefully playful without losing the essence of romance attached to higher valued pinots, the 2010 Queen of Hearts is a sure bet.
Immediately drinkable and priced for volume, be prepared to experience wonderful notes of beautiful, berry-like bouquets. Strawberries, blackberries and cherries prevail with surprising bursts of vanilla, citrus and smooth melon. Bet your poker chips on this pinot because it delivers flavors comparable to a complex beaujolais with the fluidity of a fine Brunello. Ironically enough, anything paired with Queen of Hearts will blend serendipitously and most likely cost more than the bottle itself! This pinot is a restauranteurs dream as it will work harmoniously with all types of cuisines without breaking the bank. It’s soft tannins and medium body can handle the simplicity of a crispy, crunchy, Californian style panini or a luxuriously decadent Coq Au Vin. Fantastic, friendly and fun, the overall experience from this perfect pinot is one to be shared with friends, family and lovers worldwide.

2010 QUEEN OF HEARTS Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County

Market Retail: $14
Wine Club Price: $11.20

All Hail the Queen!- RMH

Song Recommendation: Matisyahu One Day