Message from a Merlot Bottle

Back in 2009, under sweet California sunshine, while in harvest sublime, my bunch of merlot grapes were freshly picked from the vine.
Critics say I have a brilliant bouquet, with tasting notes of spicy sugarplum, orange zest, caramel and caffe.
Vivacious and bold, my aroma is untold as you inhale the scents of peppery ginger, bright berries, arugula and apple pie a’la mode.
Sparkling seconds of violet and deeply ruby in color, my luxurious body will have you as an immediate lover.
Glaze those portobellos in a bath of balsamic while pan- searing an organic filet, because I am a wine who will challenge the most impressive cuvee.
Analyzed by sight, smell and taste, winemaker Steve Leveque is dedicated to creating a palette with proper, Hall-worthy, merlot grace.
Living in french oak barrels for the past four years, I would recommend myself to a wine drinker who is ready to kick up the gears.
The longer I’m decanted, the sweeter I become, so bring me to your next party and turn tables with my tango- worthy fun. –RMH

2009 Hall Merlot- Napa Valley

Market Price: $30

Recommended Pairings: