appsIf you own a smart phone, enjoy drinking wine and find yourself interested in weeding out unworthy wine apps from your mobile library, then this is an article designed specifically for you. The apps listed below share common characteristics that we believe are essential to categorizing a wine app as “outstanding”.  All of these apps are FREE. All of these apps are easily browsable and include a highly impressive amount of wine-related information.  Most importantly, all of these apps are seriously helpful in the everyday lifestyle of a wine lover.

Best Wine Ratings App: Wine Spectator 

mzl.ltuspuzxWhatever your wine expertise, Wine Spectator‘s flagship ratings app will help you find your perfect wine at the perfect price. Trying to decide which wine to buy at a retailer or restaurant? This powerful search lets you quickly consult 275,000+ wine reviews—complete with definitive scores, tasting notes, release prices, current auction prices and drinking windows. This free download is a true gem as it offers definitive vintage charts, along with expanded wine education and a timely news feed. Think you may have found a great valued bottle of wine at the market? Simply open the WS app and browse their 90+point section of wines under $20. Chances are, if the wine in your hand has made the WS list, you were spot on.

Best Social Wine App: Delectable 


The Delectable app is genius.  It’s a digital platform for you to discover new wines from wine lovers that you follow, while also keeping track of the ones you have enjoyed.  Crisp in design, exceptionally easy to navigate and incredibly helpful, Delectable will quickly become your favorite wine app.  It’s very similar to Instagram, and is image-based to generate “likes” from followers, only Delectable turns “likes” into sales.  The application has a built-in wine label detection technology which upon capturing the image of your wine bottle, automatically identifies the winemaker, vintage, and wine name, and matches it to a database of over 1.5 million wines available at your fingertips.  Once your wine has been detected, score your wine by using their smiley-face rating system and commentary box.  If you are drinking in the company of friends, be sure to tag them in your experience so they can join you in rating the wine.  The best part about Delectable is that it features a direct link to purchase every wine in your news feed that you like, and ones that may interest you from a wine lover you follow.  It’s instant gratification, and there are some pretty major sommeliers and wine gurus already using it.  Wines can be uploaded to a personal wishlist while simultaneously providing pricing and shipping information, should you wish to indulge.  This app is an absolute joy to use because it enables the wine drinker to instantly log and track information one would probably neglect to do after enjoying a few glasses.

Best Wine Events App: Wine Events


On any given day,wherever you may be in the world, there is a 99% chance that wine related events are taking place within close proximity to you.  As wine lovers with hectic schedules, we are eager to participate in as many wine events as possible which is precisely why we cherish the Wine Events app. Whether you are interested in wine & food festivals, wine tastings, wine seminars, wine shopping, winery concerts or anything involving the word “WINE”, this truly is the app for you.  Simply type in your current location and watch an entire new universe of exciting wine events appear before your eyes. Pick and choose your event of choice, “check-in” and let friends know where to find you and most importantly, enjoy the experience!

Best Wine and Food Pairings App: WineStein


Don’t have time to study for your master sommelier exam?  No problem.  The functionality and genius of the WineStein app is so exquisite that it’s virtually impossible to believe it’s free.  With fluidity, you begin by opting to pair a “wine with dish” or a “dish with wine”.  It immediately becomes apparent that no detail is left unaccounted for in this app.  Customize the elements of your own dish and marvel over a list of ingredients which seems to never end. Aduki beans, basil mayonnaise, beurre blanc dried morels, Chilean lime butter, cured side pork of suckling pig, lobster gravy vanilla, reindeer rolled venison,white asparagus; the list of possible ingredients to search from is insanely impressive.  Just when you think the app cannot get any better, it does.  Enter the dish you just ordered at a restaurant and watch WineStein ask how each specific element of that dish is being prepared.  For example, there are 61 different options of preparation to choose from by simply entering the word “chicken.”  Upon inputting the specific components of your dish, which is a most effortless process, your digital sommelier shares it’s recommended pairings. Marvel over the systematic organization of wine selections as the highest rated wines appear at the top of your app and decrease accordingly.  You are then brought to a screen which educates you on the DNA of the wine, as well as tasting notes, serving temperatures and glassware pairings.  Competing apps of this informational magnitude are not free, but we are certainly not complaining!  The WineStein app truly brings the experience one would only have in the presence of a master sommelier directly into the palm of your hands.

Best Italian Wine App: iBrunello


Begin by browsing through the iBrunello app gallery and you are immediately transported into a world of Italian wine wonderment.  Learn about the history of Montalcino and the specific production regulations of the region’s legendary Brunello wines.  This outstanding app provides you with up-to date cellar phone numbers, email and website addresses and even specific details about visiting hours.  With an impressive amount of contact information, it truly is the perfect app for those planning a trip to Italy’s wine country.

Best Glassware App: Riedel

images-7 In the words of wine critic Robert Parker, “the finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make.”  The Riedel glass guide is simply the crème-de-la-crème of glassware pairing apps. Simply choose your wine and this app takes you directly to it’s glassware match.  With an extensive database of wines, you will never have to wonder if you are drinking out of the right glass ever again.  This varietal specific app is as stylish as it is educational.  A “must-have” in your wine app library.

Additional Outstanding Free Wine Apps: