A View of the Mollydooker Vineyards in McLaren Vale, Australia

A View of the Mollydooker Vineyards in McLaren Vale, Australia

Welcome to McLaren Vale, a dominant wine producing region of Southern Australia and home to fun-loving couple Sarah and Sparky Marquis. One hundred and sixteen acres of Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot, Semillion and Chardonnay vineyards paint the horizon of this paradise and are the foundation of their Mollydooker brand. Early in their career a shipping incident proved to be a “blessing in disguise” when 462 cases of wine (valued at over $1million dollars) were accidentally smashed open, only to expose the heavenly aromas of Mollydooker’s Velvet Glove to the world. Never before in winemaking history has a family dominated by “lefties” persevered through unthinkable misfortunes, resulting in an empire of richly balanced, highly rated wines.

Sarah & Sparky Marquis

Sarah & Sparky’s “optimistic” wines truly showcase the power of passion, dedication and determination. A standard of excellence is measured through their “WOW” factor system which is key in classifying a Mollydooker. All the wines must have at least 65% Marquis Fruit Weight to ensure an outstanding level of quality throughout vintages. Fruit Weight is the percentage of your palate (from the tip of your tongue going all the way back) that is covered by the velvety sensation of fruit. A rich fruit flavor is achieved through the implementation of a vineyard watering system which focuses on nurturing strong and healthy vines along with balanced canopy growth. Swish these silky wines in your mouth and discover complex flavor profiles.


The Mollydooker wine library can be enjoyed by both novice drinkers and seasoned aficionados. Share a bottle of The Boxer at a family barbecue, savor a Blue Eyed Boy with an acclaimed sommelier or celebrate an anniversary with the Carnival of Love .  Whatever the occasion, Mollydooker will impress. The brand’s creative juices extend from their wines to their wine labels. The whimsicality of their labels evoke a playful spirit which reaches out to you from the shelves of any wine shop.  Brightly animated illustrations include cartoon characters, chariots and jesters.

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Known for their unique decanting method, simply twist off the screwcap, invert the bottle and give it a signature Mollydooker Shake. As odd as this practice may sound, the shake is done to release nitrogen used in their winemaking process which helps to minimize the amount of sulfites.  Watch Sarah & Sparky’s fun and informative video tutorial on their recommended shaking technique here.  Now you’re ready to experience these luscious wines, rated in Robert Parkers Wine Advocate and included in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 rankings since 2006. According to a Mollydooker winemaker, “The 2011 Carnival of Love so clearly shows the essence of Mollydooker. It has elegance; a complete, intense, seamless flavour spectrum; a sumptuous mouthfeel and perfect balance. At 92% Fruit Weight it is a wine to go WOW about, an absolute beauty.”

home-small2Prepare for your senses to be tantalized with mouth-watering flavors of cherry fruit cobbler and molten lava cake.  Our tasting notes of The Boxer, The Maitre D, Gigglepot, Two Left Feet, Blue Eyed Boy and Enchanted Path include thick and velvety dark chocolate, creamy caramel, butterscotch pudding and cinnamon spiced fruits.  Chocolate truffles melt into chewy figs, all swirled together by a symphony of sweet n’ spicy vanilla butter-creme.

The Mollydooker experience is one of consistency, as all of their wines have earned 90+ point rankings every year since they began bottling. Retail prices ranging from $25-$80 afford excellent value for wines of spectacular quality. Mollydooker’s Velvet Glove  is their only wine to retail above $150 due to an exceptional Marquis Fruit Weight of 96%. Available from Trader Joe’s to fine wine purveyors, any Mollydooker purchase would be considered a wise selection. So shake up a Shiraz because Mollydooker wines are fun, fruity and fabulous! –R.H

Red Wine Lovers Ratings of Mollydooker Wines

The Boxer 2011: 92 points ($25)

The Maitre D’ 2011: 91 points ($25)

Two Left Feet 2011: 90 points ($25)

Gigglepot 2011: 89 points ($49)

Blue Eyed Boy 2011: 93 points ($49)

Blue Eyed Boy 2009: 92 points ($49)

Enchanted Path 2011: 92 points ($90)

Carnival of Love 2011: 95 points ($90)

Velvet Glove 2011: (not yet rated – $185)