From the finest raw materials, and everything the terroir of Rioja Alta has to offer, Bodegas Muga crafts world-class Rioja and stays true to traditions as deep as its most ancient roots.  As architects of the finest Rioja of Spain, Bodegas Muga merely provides the framework for these roots to shine.  Using specific woods in different barrels for pinpointing the personality of each grape, the science behind each wine and blend is understood with surgical precision.  The winemaking practices include all-wood barrel aging and fermentation, egg-white clarification (used afterward as biodegradable compost and fertilization in the vineyards), gravitational racking, and bottle aging (see video on Clarification).  At no point in the wine’s production cycle does it ever come in contact with anything unnatural, such as steel vats.  Each step in the process has been mastered with decades of craftsmanship, and each tradition cherished by a family building its legacy and paying tribute to the very land that raised them.  They make wine like Davinci with a paintbrush.  ImageIt’s magical, and the essence of Spanish Rioja is captured in each bottle.  This is our second review of Bodegas Muga, (see “The Rolls-Royce of Rioja“) and each time, we learn more about the integrity of their brand.  The Torre Muga 2009 is a beacon of Spanish excellence.  It’s loaded with richness, balance, complex structure and has all the elements of a classic wine.  Fresh fruit and cedar outline prominent flavors of plush plum that are laced with vanilla and clove smoke.  It’s ready to drink right out of the bottle.  As young as this wine is, it shows sophistication, and poise.  Even the shape of the bottle is a symbol of formality.  Although this bottle hits the higher-end of price points we normally review ($75 USD), it is worth every penny, every euro, every ruby drop that hits the glass.  It’s a medium-bodied wine versatile enough for fish, which is why we pair it with a Moroccan grilled sea-bass with roasted provençal tomatoes.  The softened acidity of the tomatoes, light fish, and the fruit structure in the wine are all in perfect unison.  Elegant in family tradition and style, the Torre Muga 2009 awaits your praise. –JT

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BODEGAS MUGA Rioja Torre Muga 2009



Related scores – RP: 92

Market price: $75 USD

Blend: 75% Tempranillo, 15% Mazuelo, 10% Graciano

Decanting time: 30-45 min

Glassware: Riedel Vinum Extreme Cabernet Glass

Food pairing: Moroccan-Spiced Sea Bass with Tomatoes