A more personal take on wine reviews through the eyes, nose, and taste buds of 2 avid collectors who don’t own a vineyard, or who can’t afford a ’61 Petrus, join a Screaming Eagle wine club, or better yet swallow an ’89 Lynch-Bages with an everyday dinner. This is for the dreamers, the connoisseurs, the collectors, the bargainers, and the novice in search of an everyday learning experience with wine, and everything that goes with it.

Our mission is to seek out the best wines on the market, combining highly-rated wines that are hard to find, and also those that are just as easily available at your local market, with everything in between.

We present a simplified understanding and enjoyment of wine to a modern audience by describing and rating each wine we taste, with history and background, where to purchase it, decanting recommendations, how to pair it with top chef recipes that can be made at home, and how to get the optimum experience and pleasure out of each bottle.  Our core review price range averages between $40-$80/bottle with an occasional value wine at around $20, and a once-a-month cellar selection at $100+.

Restaurant reviews with ultimate wine lists, wine events around the world, and private behind-the-scenes barrel tastings with winemakers are all included.

We hope you enjoy it as we do, and we look forward to your comments and entertaining your senses.